Friday, 21 December 2012

Cloud computing: Only 5% techies are ready for jobs

While cloud computing is widely recognised as the next big opportunity to watch out for, it has already made significant inroads in the industry. However, the IT workforce may not keep pace with the developments. The industry ready workforce for new domains like cloud and mobility may be as less as 5.7% of the current IT workforce.

The global IT workforce is estimated to be around 20 million out of which around 3 million are in India.

The Indian cloud market may grow by more than 70% in 2012 as per the Indian Cloud Market Overview 2011-2016 report by International Data Corporation (IDC). It stood at $535 million in 2011. The report also said that the market is likely to grow 50% over the next three years.

While it is not that IT jobs are disappearing, there is a clear shift in the nature of the jobs. While traditional IT jobs are likely to get automated, jobs in newer domains like cloud computing will be created.

The HCL report further says that the churn of experienced employees from IT to other sectors has gone up by 15%-20 % over the past year.

It is becoming harder for firms to find people when filling up positions which require particular skill sets related to cloud. AMP Technologies, founded by Sabeer Bhatia, on Thursday announced that the complete development of their cloud based product was done in Chennai. Rujuta Rammohan who heads the HR at AMP told that it was very difficult to find the 15 people for development , especially the few with specific cloud computing skills. "It took us around six months to recruit all of them," she said. "Most of the companies just outsource to specialised cloud computing firms or they start training some of their own employees."

A Gartner report noted that 'externalization' will be a big factor in the future of IT services - the first choice of buyers is to consider "sourcing" instead of building IT solutions.

Source- Times of India.

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