Thursday, 21 February 2013

Infosys’ new platform pulls big data 40% faster

 Infosys on Wednesday formally launched what it says is one of the most comprehensive solutions in the big data space.

The solution, called BigDataEdge, allows enterprises to easily bring together not just the organized or structured data, but also a vast variety of unstructured data (information contained in, say, emails, document files, contracts with customers or vendors, blogs, social media, call centre voice records, videos). It then enables them to glean insights from all of this data, and take appropriate action.

One major element of the solution is a patent-pending connector framework, which automatically connects to internal and external data sources, including any new source that emerges, and which then makes pulling data together very easy.

"We have been able to reduce the time to discover and aggregate data by up to 40%," says Vishnu Bhat, head of Infosys' cloud and big data business. He says that in the case of a financial service provider, the solution was able to uncover hidden exposures in 43% of their accounts by going through all the written contracts. "Earlier, this would at best be a manual process that took many months. Now you can do it in days or weeks," he says.

The solution can convert voice calls into text to find necessary information. It uses facial recognition and similar technologies to extract information from videos.

Enterprises can then use built-in algorithms (there are some 250 of them) to obtain the insight required from a desired set of data sources, and visualize the insight using some 50 customizable dashboards. "We are able to generate insights eight times faster than is normal for enterprises," Bhat says. The solution also includes a collaboration tool that allows users across functions and regions to interact on the insights and take decisions in real time.

Bhat says the solution can even be used for specific requirements such as fraud detection or predicting network failures with its ability to match current records with historical records. For instance, people have a certain pattern of usage of their bank account. If there is a change in that pattern (because of an online fraudster), the solution quickly recognizes that and can send an alert or temporarily lock the account.

BigDataEdge is the latest in Infosys' Edge series of platforms that also includes, among others, WalletEdge, the mobile payments platform, and BrandEdge, which addresses marketing needs.


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