Thursday, 6 June 2013

VMware unveils vCloud Hybrid Service

VMware has revealed its VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform.
“VMware’s mission is to radically simplify IT and help customers transform their IT operations,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware.
“Today, with the introduction of the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, we take a big step forward by coupling all the value of VMware virtualisation and software-defined data centre technologies with the speed and simplicity of a public cloud service that our customers desire.”
vCloud Hybrid Service will extend VMware software, currently being used by hundreds of thousands of customers, into the public cloud. This means customers will be able to utilise the same skills, tools, networking and security models across both on-premise and off-premise environments.
“As a source of competitive advantage for our international business, our operations and IT department needs the agility and efficiency the public cloud promises,” says Julio Sobral, senior VP of business operations at Fox International.
“However, we don’t have the luxury of starting from scratch; we see in the vCloud Hybrid Service a potential solution to enable Fox International to have a more elastic platform that will support future deployments around the world. Working with technology partners like VMware gives us the best of both worlds by extending our existing infrastructure to realise the benefits of public cloud.”
According to the company, the vCloud Hybrid Service will allow customers to extend their data centres to the cloud and will support thousands of applications and more than 90 operating systems that are certified to run on vSphere. This means customers can get the same level of availability and performance running in the public cloud, without changing or rewriting their applications.
Built on vSphere, vCloud Hybrid Service offers automated replication, monitoring and high availability for business-critical applications, leveraging the advanced features of vSphere, including VMware vMotion, High Availability and vSphere Distributed Resources Scheduler.
“Our new VMware vCloud Hybrid Service delivers a public cloud that is completely interoperable with existing VMware virtualised infrastructure,” said Chris Norton, regional director at VMware for southern Africa.
“By taking an ‘inside-out’ approach that will enable new and existing applications to run anywhere, this service will bridge the private and public cloud worlds without compromise.”
According to VMware, the vCloud Hybrid Service will be available this month through an early access programme.

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